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How to register an account?

Prior to registering an account on Bithoven.com, please familiarize yourself with Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which govern the use of the website. Account registration is very simple and takes just a few steps to complete it. :
  • Press the “Register” button on the main page. You will be automatically redirected to the registration form.
  • Enter your valid email address (it will be used as your username to access the website).
  • Set up a secure password.
    Note! Your password should have at least 10 characters, include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Store your password securely. You should not write it on a piece of paper, nor should you save it in your browser. We recommend using a reliable password manager such as KeePass.
  • Confirm your password in the text field below.
  • Tick the checkbox “I agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms that govern the use of the website.
Alternatively, you can register an account on Bithoven.com by using your social network account (Facebook) or via Gmail.
Note! Please make sure your Facebook account is linked to your actual (existing) email address.

Why use Bithoven.com?

Bithoven.com is a high-tech cryptocurrency trading platform that offers multi-featured and exclusive, but at the same time understandable and easy-to-use services to every demanding crypto trader, thus establishing customer loyalty and trust. The crypto exchange renders a great number of high liquidity coins for trading, margin trading services with maximum leverage 1:20, secure platform architecture, customizable and intuitive interface powered by ultra-high speed professional trading engine and many more.

Do I need to get any application for my mobile?

To start trading on exchange, the user does not need to download or install any application. However, if you are willing to trade on margin via your smartphone, you will be required to download and install a mobile application for MetaTrader 5 on your device. Besides, if you want to set up 2FA as an additional security layer for your account protection, it is necessary to download, install and configure an Authenticator app (for Android or iOS).

Is account verification obligatory?

Cryptocurrency trading on Bithoven.com is only possible after registration, acknowledgement and acceptance of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After email confirmation, the daily withdrawal limit for platform users is set at 2 BTC. As such, user account verification on Bithoven.com is simplified and traders can buy or sell cryptocurrencies practically right away.

Bithoven.com is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows registered users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on exchange and trade on margin (leverage trading). Bithoven.com is not involved in charity events and may only run promo campaigns or launch special offers, which are aimed at allocating bonuses (or discounts) for trading among platform users.

How to perform a trade?

To start trading, you can just click on the button “Exchange” on top of the page and you will be redirected to the trading page.

To perform a trade, you are advised at first to visit the Trading Tools section and choose the most suitable trading strategy for you. Click on the currency tab and choose your preferred market to place an order. Here are the types of orders available: market orders, limit orders, scaled orders.

Click on “Buy/Sell” to confirm a trade.

Trading tools

There are multiple trading tools on offer to facilitate your trading activities.

Candlestick Chart
This nifty chart will help you monitor the price changes in real time or in the long term. You are the one setting the period for analysis; it can range from one minute (m1) to one month (M1). It is also possible to check the opening, closing, high and low prices on a particular trading day.

This category allows you to find the best markets for your respective currency.
Just select a cryptocurrency you’d like to trade, and you will see the list of markets for it. Next to each market, you will see the currency’s trading price as well as the price changes in the past 24 hours. You can add the best markets to your Favorites, so you can find them easier in the future.

Order book
Order book is where you can find all the buy and sell orders for your chosen currency.
You can check the bids to buy and the offers to sell, which will help you figure out the most beneficial trading strategy.

Markets overview
This feature enables you to compare and analyze the existing markets more thoroughly. You can check the market activity, depth and spread as well as the volumes and prices of currencies being traded.

It is very easy to manage your trading activities on Bithoven.com. Just click on “Wallets” in the upper-left corner and select the "Deposit/Withdraw" option. There you can:
1) Check the type and amount of crypto already on your account, and the amount still pending.
2) Deposit crypto from your personal wallet to the account on our website.
3) Withdraw crypto from the website account to your personal wallet.

We have also enabled the features “hide zero balances” and “search crypto by name” for your convenience.

You may select the "Balance operations" in order to get more detailed information regarding your transactions. There you can find:
• All transactions within a particular timeframe.
• The payment ids and transactions hashes.
• The chosen currency and its amount.
• The type of transaction (deposit/withdrawal).

You can as well check the history of all your trading activities on the trading page under “Reports” section. To open the trading page, click on “Exchange.”

What are limit orders?

Limit orders allow traders to set the exact price at which their order can be filled.

When choosing this order type, traders can be confident that they will not buy their coins at a higher price or sell them at a lower price than stated originally. If anything, they might get a better deal, but it will never be worse than what they indicated.

Limit orders are generally considered to be safer than other types, but they sometimes take quite a long time to be filled. It’s because traders may set a price too high or too low, which in turn leaves them without deals. Sometimes such orders expire before they are filled.

To avoid this issue, do not deviate too much from the current market price. Keep your expectations realistic.

What are market orders?

A market order is when you buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the present or market price. It is widely considered as the fastest way to enter or exit a trade. All market orders are processed within present priority guidelines. You cannot specify the exact price at which your order should be filled. With the cryptomarket often being quite volatile, you risk making a bad investment.

Thus, you may end up buying coins at a higher price or selling them at a lower price than anticipated. To avoid this issue, you will need to be very careful when checking the coins’ volume available on your chosen market.

Trading fee

Kindly note that the trading fee is fixed-percentage and equals 0.2% from trading value. Bithoven.com does its best to make the trading process as easy as possible and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Is there any fixed minimum amount for trading?

There are no standardized requirements for minimum trading amounts applicable to all supported coins on Bithoven.com. Every trading pair has its own minimum trading amount criteria (both for exchange trading and margin trading) and you are recommended to get acquainted with minimum trading thresholds while placing an order in real-time.