As I continued walking during the midnight somehow I felt scared for the first time during my trip. There was something in the air what made me walking instead of hitchhiking all night.

First thing was that each time I was preparing to raise my hand, my shoe ties opened. After it happened three times I decided to look upon it as on the sign that probably it's not rather good place or time for hitchhiking and continued just walking.

My fear did not left me for hours especially after seeing Police lights getting closer to me. I decided that probably something has happened somewhere around the area I was I hided myself from the sight of the road.

I was very tired and eyes where closing even if I was walking. I felt kind of paranoia obsession covering me. I felt fear from everything. Totally I hided myself from around 200 cars instead of hitchhiking. 

After analyzing reasons for my paranoitical behavior I decided that probably my fear comes because of funeral car. The second reason was that probably really something was happening around me and I did right that I was a bit more auspicious than usually. Anyway I decided to chant some mantras to put my wondering mind back on stripe and it turned my mind back to it's original state - peaceful, fearless and assured and started hitchhiking again but as it was already around 3 AM there was no any cars.

So by continuing walking I made about 25 Km only walking. By back was hurting because of the heavy bag I'm taking with me and finally around 7 AM I was picked up by some local oil magnate who was driving brand new Lexus Hybrid SUV.

He dropped around 150 KM towards Irkutsk which is located at the Baikal lake, where I'm gonna stay few nights. But still it's more than a one and a half thousand kilometers to go on the almost off-road roads.

So I was picked up by lorry driver Kostya who will drive me till the very Irkutsk and I was so happy for such a luck as I won't need to talk the same story to more people - where, from where, why and how I decided to do this trip.

Roads from Krasnojarsk are really bad. It is true off-road. We have to make around 700 Km when the road got so bad that our driving speed is just a little bit faster than walking. I'm knocking out for half hour after each half hour :) until finally I have enough energy to write this.

It's evening already and we damaged our tire so I helped to change it. We did it quite quickly and currently are crossing river Uda which seems like a bit overflowed.

Probably we might get till Irkutsk until tomorrow's morning and I really hope that on the day 11 I will be hanging around lake Baikal carelessly for at least few nights. I really need to recharge my batteries, have some rest and peace before going to the "next level adventure" - Hitchhiking in China.:)

We are listening to Russian 80' and 90' hits. Excellent! :) wouldn't even imagine better music for this trip!:) that's it. I'm knocking out again while we are crossing off-road Russia with a huge, fully loaded truck over 25 tonnes of weight with speed of bicycle.

Again, one of our tires got bad. It's all-ready one o'clock past midnight and we decided to take a nap until tomorrow's morning and after replacement of it continue our journey.