Soooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! First city in India until now I can say for sure - I enjoyed it. I mean - all the cities I've been to was because of temples - like Varanasi, Kumbakonam... it was all to be in particular places not to enjoy the city. And the rest of the cities I went to was because of I just traveled through them.

Even if Bengaluru was just a transit city for me I enjoyed those nine hours I was there for 100%! Firwt of all people are more used to tourists and are not behaving like in other places when they see "a white man".

I walked about 15 kilometres. Visited amazing Bengaluru Botanical garden, Bengaluru Palace, park, where everybody is throwing out belongings from pujas and archanas and other many places that got me astonished. I throwed in mine, aswell from Shiva temple I made archana this morning.

It is rare when inhabited places in India are truly enjoyable as because of noise cars are making - everybody is beeping each five seconds making a lot of noises, people always are shouting loud "hello's" and shop owners wants to sell some unneeded stuff after each ten meters.

My train towards Goa was leaving at 15:15. I found a station by GPS in my phone, had some food on my way for ten rupees (about 15 Euro cents) and stepped inside a train leading to the Paradise on Earth - Goa. This time I had a sleeper seat - I paid less than 4 Eur for it - for 700 kilometers and 14 hour drive.

So today was a really relaxing day comparing to others. I was sleeping in the park, in the train and generally felt rested.

Can't wait to reach Goa... :)