Yesterday was a good day. After celebrating my two month travelling at some pub on the beach I was so tired that drived to my hotel room and knocked out for 14 hous untill today.

This day started with a scooter drive to Old Goa. It is so beautiful and peaceful here! I found out that it is possible to get a property with amazing sea view for only 15,000 Eur!!
I visited churches and temples. Basically was just driving around and enjoyed this amazing place.

Later afternoon I gave a flowers to the gorl who works here in the hotel as she is very beautiful. She was surprised and showed her beautiful smile to me.

(Ganesh Temple - had a puja and archana, soon will have homa here). During a day time I took a nap. Evening I spent at Anjunas beach where all the pubs on the beach are located.

So nothing special for today - just enjoying Goa...

(the door behind my back is my hotel room - right on the beach!)