Have you ever wondered and been concerned about the fact that there was a time when bitcoin could be bought for as low as $1? But, since you were probably not aware of it at that time, you never thought of purchasing it. You simply dismissed it as something new in technology which had a troubling future – or none at all.

And now that in the crypto bull market, you have seen its price going up as high as $60k, you are left wondering if you indeed made the right choice by completely choosing to ignore when it came to buying bitcoin when the technology itself (of cryptocurrencies) was so young and niched.

And, you are probably sitting there wondering if there is a way to earn bitcoin for free, by any means possible. And we are here to tell you that you are absolutely right! There are ways of earning bitcoin for free. You can simply do it by doing some tiny tasks on a website – like filling out a survey, promoting/marketing a fellow cryptocurrency project and so on.

A crypto faucet is a website (or in some cases an application as well) that promises to give you cryptocurrency-based rewards for completing some activities or tasks. These can be as simple as watching some video advertisements, or filling out some forms, or even clicking through several links on a website. Usually, as you can probably tell, these tasks are quite straightforward and simple.

With our platform, you can easily create hundreds of different types of tasks and make your community complete them. The best part about us is that we offer not only the creation of tasks, but also provide you with the tools that you can use to track the analytics of those tasks – like who all participated, how they participated, how many tasks did they accomplish, how often they referred someone else, and so on.

We offer round-the-clock support, so whenever you have any problem with anything related to your custom-built faucet, we are simply a text away! Earn BOLO. Join bollofaucet.com and bollojob.com today! ;)