For most organizations, it is challenging to track and manage employee time, especially for the small business owner. Most HR software only has time tracking for employees and does not have the ability to input other employees' time. For this reason, time tracking is often done manually, which is time-consuming and inefficient. If you are looking for a time tracking software that tracks time automatically, is easy to use, and has an intuitive interface, read on to learn more about how Buddy Punch can help you with your time tracking needs.

Managing time is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Too often, time is lost in paperwork and checking time sheets manually. When you use the time tracking application, Buddy Punch, you can keep time in one place, make it easier to manage, and ensure employee time is tracked properly.

While you know you can track time via paper timesheets, you know you don't have time to review, verify, input, and analyze employee timesheets manually every pay period. Buddy Punch makes it simple to manage your employees' time easily and efficiently.

Manage paid and unpaid time off without calculations or spreadsheets
Buddy Punch takes the pain out of payroll by automatically calculating accrued vacation, sick, and owed time.

Run customizable reports to simplify payroll
Track where your employees are working, their overtime, hours, and pay with our detailed reporting system. See how many hours your team is working by day, week, or customizable time period.



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