Unlike other platforms, RallyUp lets you run Peer-to-Peer with almost any type of fundraiser from Raffles to Events. 

RallyUp is an online platform that connects people globally. RallyUp helps you create real-time fundraising events with friends, family, and colleagues. From a simple raffle to a full blown event, RallyUp helps you make a difference. RallyUp is the easiest way to fundraise, mobilize your team, and support your community.

RallyUp is the social fundraising platform that helps organizations of all types raise money online. From raising funds for a cause you support to seeking other organizations and charities to help you fulfill your mission.

RallyUp is the only fundraising platform that allows you to raise funds. That means you can fundraise on RallyUp to support your favourite charities, organisations, and causes with ease. We're passionate about supporting your mission with cutting-edge fundraising tools. It's our mission to make fundraising easy, fun and rewarding.

What We Do

We built the world's most advanced fundraising platform so you can build a better world.

We provide the only platform with 10 ways to raise funds. The solution is beautifully designed, simple to use, and abundantly flexible.

We assemble your entire fundraising puzzle while competing solutions struggle to fit a couple of pieces together.

We provide a home base for all your fundraising needs.


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