Today, we live in a connected world. We have smartphones, tablets, and laptops to help us stay connected to the people, places, and things we care about. However, the digital revolution has brought with it an ever-expanding need for our devices to stay connected to other devices, and in particular, the internet. This means we now need to manage our digital lives on multiple devices, and with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, this can be a challenge. OpenPhone is here to help. We're an app that brings all your important calls, texts, and contacts into one convenient, and delightful, app. No matter where you are, OpenPhone helps you stay in touch with your friends, family, and business contacts.

OpenPhone is the premier communications app for professionals and small businesses. We offer a variety of features, including call forwarding and voicemail to text and email, that make business communication seamless, efficient, and enjoyable. With OpenPhone, you can make and receive calls, text, and manage your contacts on the go.

OpenPhone Mobile is a smart voice and messaging app that brings your business calls, texts, and contacts into one delightful app. It helps you work anywhere, across all your devices, while you stay connected with your business and personal contacts.

✔️ Get numbers stay organized

Instantly claim local or toll-free North American phone numbers for all your teammates and departments.

Each phone number gets its own dedicated inbox that keeps its conversations separate from the rest.

✔️ Your full history in one view

Call logs, call recordings, and transcribed voicemails appear alongside texts in one seamless conversation.

No more jumping between different apps to piece relationships together. Now you can just scroll up.

✔️ Know contacts like friends

Custom properties and notes make it easy to track the details that matter most to your business.

And with one shared address book, your team will know everything about a contact before they even say a word.



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