The world of online employment screening has long been a lucrative industry, with billions of background checks conducted each year. The problem is that it is an industry with high costs and a long time-to-results, but Certn is fighting back. With an AI-powered platform that is easy to use and delivers accurate results quickly, Certn is changing the game.

Certn is a global leader in AI-powered background checks for enterprises. Automated due diligence saves time and money by eliminating costly human search & review. Get the best candidate and recruiter experience with AI-powered identity verification and background. Reduce your time to hire by 80% and get results in minutes.

We are a pioneer in identity verification, with the first 100% secure verifiable identity verification service. We offer a full set of services to help you get the most from your background screening. We provide identity verification services, background screening, and recruitment services.

Certn is a values-driven company. We use our values to guide how we work. Our values are also the reason we're improving all steps of the background screening process.

Our values are the reason we developed the easiest-to-use platform, provide outstanding customer service, and are so focused on tech-first solutions that deliver results fast—and with the kind of global coverage that matches today's workforce trends. (Our international workforce is 100% remote, so we get it.)



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